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About Us

Founded in may 2007, based in Lima, Tecnología 21 is a digital media specialized in technology focused on business, considered as the #1 in Spanish speaking countries.

We provide complete technological coverage of the most important events both national and international, some of our performances are live broadcastings, also generate social network buzz, bilingual interviews (Spanish and English) and successful advertising campaigns.

Our audience is comprised of users from Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Peru mainly. Our team is comprised by journalists who share the same passion for technology as our audience.

T21 is our official domain for exclusive and advance press releases. All of them are also displayed on our homepage.


To publish current technological content with the highest quality. To cover the most important technological events, to make successful advertising campaigns and to do interviews that provide relevant information to our users. To offer our users the highest quality information, culture and entertainment through all our channels.


To be recognized as the leading Spanish digital media about technological content. To be distinguished by our quality of service at an international. Also to provide welfare and prosperity to our employees and associates.


Executive and administrative professionals who take decisions on the technology sector. Also technology professionals who work both dependent and independent and want to be permanently updated regarding the application of technology in business.

International coverage

About Us

We cover international technology events: interviews, videos, articles and we share it in social networks.

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About Us

Team members

About UsAntonio Paredes, CEO & Founder.

He likes business and technology. Ever since he was a child he was surrounded by technology because of his father who is a systems engineer and worked in several prestigious companies.

His passion for technology led him to study systems engineering, he enjoyed his academic years and subsequently applied all his knowledge to his work. Because of this he founded this media company in 2007, another company focused in luxury private transport in 2015 and later the IT consulting company Bitness in 2020.

He studied Management at University of Lima. He was an exponent at “The best of management”, his speech was about entrepreneurship and technology in today’s business. He loves his work and learn new things every day.

About UsVerenice Cáceres, CCO (Chief Communications Officer).

She has a degree in Communication Sciences. He covered many international events about cybersecurity and corporate networks.

She has a special interest in those technologies that improve people's quality of life and contribute to the environment.

She likes to see how Virtual Reality (RV) and Augmented Reality (RA) technologies can be applied to the field of education and medicine.

She is very interested in the processes of digital transformation in companies, the use of artificial intelligence systems and certification such as blockchain.

About UsJorge Verástegui, Senior Journalist.

He has a degree in Communication Sciences.

He has more than eight years of experience and enjoys learning daily in the technology sector.

His professional life has been developed mainly as an editor and reporter in different subjects.

And within the technological side he has been part of the development team of an artificial intelligence software, commissioned by a well-known insurance company.

About UsMeylin Paredes, Journalist.

She studied Communication Sciences and has experience in entrepreneurship.

She is interested in technology, advertising, marketing, public relations, literature and content development in digital media. She likes her job because she never stop learning new things.

She is convinced that Digital Transformation is the key to success for today’s companies: changes and improvements applied to the culture of the organization, its processes and adoption of appropriate technology, as the case may be.


Please feel free to contact us to invite us to your technological events inside and outside the country or send us a request to test your products or services. Write to us at